Alien Reform

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Alien Reform is a 3D survival shooter game. It is a game that has a level system, and the aliens get stronger at each level.

There are 6 different maps. These maps change every 12 levels. Before each level change, there is a "FULL BOSS" battle. All aliens are mighty, and you have to destroy them to move to the new map.

There are 4 heroes; 3 of these heroes can be purchased. A "daily ranking table" is calculated at the end of the day with the "player daily XP" points you get at the end of the level. You can buy new characters with the "GOLD" you earn due to this ranking table. This "daily ranking table" is refreshed daily.

There are 15 sci-fi weapons; these weapons can be purchased and upgraded with in-game currency. Powerful weapons are required to destroy powerful zombies. You can also blow up zombies with the "Bazooka." Enter the rating in the "daily ranking table" with the "daily XP's you have obtained. Buy new heroes with the "Gold" that you get in this table, which is reset every day.

Third Person Shooter and First Person Shooter gameplay
Leaderboard system
72 Levels
6 Maps
15 weapons
4 Heroes
Realistic graphics
Realistic "Third Person Shooter" and "First Person Shooter" physics
Global leaderboard system
Free unblocked zombie games
Realistic graphic
Özgür Aydın made this game.

Release Date
November 2021


How to play the Alien Reform ?

WASD = move
Left-click = shoot
Right-click = switch camera
U = bazooka
R = reload
C = crouch
1 2 3 = switch weapons

Have fun playing Alien Reform.

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