Ball Hold Master

Ball Hold Master

Ball Hold Master is an arcade game where you control a bouncing ball on a track filled with spinning rings. In this game prepared with 2D tracks, you have to throw the ball at the right time. Because the throwing ball has to touch the next spinning ring. That's why you have to aim and launch the ball at the right time. Just "Left Click" to throw the ball. Since the rotating rings of the ball are in a structured state, the ball rotates with the rings. So aiming will be difficult. The rotating rings are usually located in the middle of the course and there are straight pits on the right and left sides of the course. You must not touch these straight sticks and if you touch these sticks it will be game over. If you throw the ball at the wrong time, it will most likely hit these bars.

Ball Hold Master combines trendy arcade games and the oldest 2D games.

Ball Hold Master is a free arcade game that you can play on web and mobile browsers.

How to play the Ball Hold Master ?

Jump : Left Click