Ball Stair Jump

Ball Stair Jump

Ball Stair Jump is an arcade game where you have to climb the steps with a bouncing ball. You have to bounce the ball in motion by directing it. At the right time, you will bounce the ball to the next step. With the left mouse button, you can bounce the ball to the next level. To complete the level, you must reach the finish line on the top step. The right and left walls of the steps sometimes do not exist. So the ball falls through this gap and the game is over. Therefore, you must make wise decisions and bounce the ball at the right time.

Ball Stair Jump brings together trendy arcade games and the oldest ball control games.

Ball Stair Jump is a free arcade game that you can play on web and mobile browsers.

How to play the Ball Stair Jump ?

Jump : Left Click

Have fun playing Ball Stair Jump.