Burnin Rubber Multiplayer

Dominate your friends in this long-awaited multiplayer car combat arena game.Hunt down enemies and stun them with your driving and shooting skills. Lots of awesome cars to unlocks and explosive weapons to try out.Features the brand new U-turn move to surprise your enemies!How to play the Burnin Rubber Multiplayer ?
(W)(A)(S)(D) / (Arrowkeys) : Drive(Space) : Nitro(Shift) : DriftDouble-Tap (Shift): U-Turn(Z) / (LMB) : Fire Primary(X) / (RMB) : Fire Secondary(F) / (MMB) : Use Special Weapon(C) : Look Behind(1) - (0): Dialog HotkeysHold (`) : Show Dialog Wheel(V) : HUD Toggle(ESC) / (P) : PauseFor gamepad controls see ingame helpscreen!
Have fun playing Burnin Rubber Multiplayer.