Car Dont Rush

Car Dont Rush

Car Dont Rush tells the life story of a car on the sea that it tries to move without hitting obstacles. This car driving game is an arcade game where you try to move forward without hitting obstacles. You need good reflexes to move forward without hitting these constantly moving obstacles on this track full of traps. How far will you be able to drive on this track full of obstacles leading to infinity?


You will drive a car driving on a straight track and you will change the speed of this car. While you are progressing on this track above the sea, there will be obstacles that turn in front of you, but you must not hit these obstacles. In order not to hit these traps, you will either step on the gas or press the brake. You have to make the right decision and pass this obstacle in the best way possible. These obstacles are slowly turning around. So do not be afraid of these traps. Go above them and leave the obstacles behind. This is an easy game to play and understand as you only need to change the speed in this car driving game. As you progress on the track, you will encounter many traps.

Car Dont Rush combines trendy driving game mechanics and the oldest arcade mechanics. Don't hit the traps and try to reach the furthest point.

Car Dont Rush is a free car driving game that you can play on web and mobile browsers. The mission of this driving game is simple, the mechanics are useful and it has an arcade theme.

How to play the Car Dont Rush ?

Left Click = Speed Up

Right Click = Speed Down

Have fun playing Car Dont Rush.