Coach Bus Simulator

Coach Bus Simulator

With Coach Bus Simulator you can become a bus driver and transport people from one city to another. Get ready to go on long journeys with giant buses. See amazing sights and amazing venues as you make your way along the long roads.

You have to choose your bus and hit the road. This game features realistic driving physics and advanced passenger handling system. You can earn money by taking passengers from one place to another. With the money you earn, you can buy a new bus and travel longer.

In this amazing simulation game, you will drive huge buses and you will be able to earn money in this way. There are many places you want to go on the open world map.

There are 3 different buses in total in this game. You can choose any of them and start driving.
There are 4 different maps in Coach Bus Simulator. Each map has 6 levels. You can choose any of these maps and drive a bus in the big open world.
You can reach the next destination by following the red arrow on the bus.

How to play?
Use keyboard arrows to control the coach