Color Jumper Star

Color Jumper Star

Color Jumper Star is an arcade game where you try to bounce a ball and hit the walls in the corners. Your task in this ball bouncing game is to have the highest bouncing score. There are traps on the lower and upper walls, so don't hit those traps. The walls on the handle and on the left are divided into colored parts. You have to touch the wall of the same color as you. If you hit a wall of a different color, the game will be over and you will fail. Each time you hit a wall, the colors will change, so you have to follow the game carefully.


Color Jumper Star combines trendy hyper casual game mechanics and the oldest bouncing game mechanics. Bounce the ball and follow the correct colors!

Color Jumper Star is a free hyper casual game that you can play on web and mobile browsers. The mission of this ball game is simple, the mechanics are useful and it has a puzzle theme.

How to play the Color Jumper Star ?

Left Click : Jump!

Have fun playing Color Jumper Star.