GTA Crime Simulator

GTA Crime Simulator

Fight criminals and roam freely in the huge city with GTA Crime Simulator. Fight the mafia, fight the gangsters and get missions to maintain justice in this game. Show the criminals roaming the streets who is the parton.

The aim of this game is to complete the tasks given to you. You have to solve the mysteries and then earn money by completing new missions.
There are many weapon options in the game. In order to buy these weapons, you must earn points by completing missions.
The cops are your friend and you are the guardian of justice. You have to secure your city and catch the criminals.
In this game, you can roam freely in a huge city, drive tanks, blow up cars. You should not forget to use grenades when necessary. The enemies outnumber you so you have to be a good marksman and destroy all the targets in a short time.
While completing the quests, you can easily find out the location of your enemies by looking at the minimap in the upper left part. Destroy all your enemies and then start new missions!

How to play ?

Controls Mouse

Have fun playing GTA Crime Simulator.