Hyper Tank

Hyper Tank

Hyper Tank is a hypercasual game where you fight tanks. Get more tanks and destroy enemies by passing through the gates.While advancing with the tank on a flat platform, 2 passages will appear in front of you. You should solve the most correct one of these transitions in a short time and maneuver accordingly. When passing through the gates, the number of tanks increases or decreases by the value above the gates. Passages to reduce the number of tanks are colored red. The passages that will increase the number of tanks are blue. You can have 21 tanks in total. You will have more enemies as you level up. Therefore, you should make the right decision and increase the number of tanks.

Hyper Tank brings together trendy hypercasual games and the oldest action games.

Hyper Tank is a free hypercasual game that you can play on web and mobile browsers.

How to play the Hyper Tank ?

Move : Slide Mouse

Fire : Auto