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Krunker is online free game for you.

Play Krunker on Krunker features mobile.

Krunker (. io) is a pixel-based free FPS game with fast pace. Krunker (. in io), players line up to fight against different players from around the world. In this game, you will be able to compete with players from all over the world. Gameplay
As in standard FPS games, there is a controlled character available and start the battle immediately to adapt to the fast pace. Keep your weapon ready and attack as soon as you see your enemies tuesday Have pity on the enemy and act quickly. Take good aim and don't miss.
There are several types of weapons available. High firepower, rate of fire, number of rounds. Choose the weapon you want and go hunting.
Krunker. io has maps that will excite players, and there are many map selections available. Simple but
Finally, the players are inside the social section, which contains their rankings, leaderboards and different statistics. See if you can take advantage of a gap in the leaderboard these days with your FPS gaming skills.

How to play the Krunker ?

Use the WASD keys to move
Left click to shoot
R to reload
C to aim / zoom
Space bar to jump
Shift to crouch
F to spray paint

Have fun playing Krunker.

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