Shape Hunter

Shape Hunter

Shape Hunter is a mind game where you make the right shape and go through the gates. Your mission in this game; is to take on the shape above the gate that will appear in front of you as you move forward. 3 different shapes will appear at the bottom of the screen and when you click on any of them, you will look like that shape. You need to transform into the right shape to get through the gate in front of you. If you turn into the wrong shape, the game will be over somehow. In the right shape, you qualify to pass through the gate and you succeed.


You must successfully reach the finish line. While doing this, you must transform into the correct shapes in the paths that appear in front of you.

We think you can have a good time playing this brain teaser.

Shape Hunter is a free educational game that you can play on web and mobile browsers. The aim of this educational game is simple, the graphics are realistic and it has a hyper casual theme.

How to play the Shape Hunter ?

Click on the correct figure!

Have fun playing Shape Hunter.