Simple Dunk

Simple Dunk

Simple Dunk is an arcade game where you try to pass a ball through basketball hoops in the sky. This basketball shooting game is an arcade game in which you try to progress through all the baskets in order. You just make the ball bounce by clicking the mouse and then you try to pass the ball through the ring in front of you. How far can you go on this track filled with basketball hoops going to infinity?

You will bounce a basketball that is moving through the space and you will pass this basketball through the rings. When you move a little further on the track, you will see these basketball rings move. So this game will get harder as you progress.

Simple Dunk combines trendy hyper casual game mechanics and the oldest basketball game mechanics. Throw a basket and try to reach the furthest point.

Simple Dunk is a free hyper casual game that you can play on web and mobile browsers. The mission of this ball game is simple, the mechanics are useful and it has an arcade theme.

How to play the Simple Dunk ?

Left Click : Jump!

Have fun playing Simple Dunk.