Cyber Cars Punk Racing 2

Cyber Cars Punk Racing 2 is online free game for you. No downloads, no subscription - just click and play!

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Cyber Cars Punk Racing 2 is the second version of the Cyber Cars Punk Racing series with more supercars, more realistic graphics, easier gameplay and fun maps. This series has a leaderboard, missions and a great free-driving area. There are many game modes available. there are 4 free super vehicles. You can race, collide, escape from the cops, catch the criminals or drive around freely with these free cars. Thanks to the detailed profile system, you can track most of the activities you perform in the game. Thanks to the leaderboard, you can see what rank you are in the world. You can perform tasks and earn money from it. Beat your opponents with nitro and complete the race. Do somersaults in the air, performing stunts. You can fly by car on steep ramps.

How to play the Cyber Cars Punk Racing 2 ?

WASD or arrow keys = drive
N = use nitro
C = change camera view

Have fun playing Cyber Cars Punk Racing 2.

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