Flying Wings HoverCraft

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Flying Wings HoverCraft is a 3D racing simulation game set in a cyber-themed, hovercraft-driven futuristic future with multiple game modes. There are futuristic vehicles, neon city and many game modes. There are 27 hovercraft, 72 race tracks and 1 "free Driving" area. This game features a hovercraft purchase and development system and you can compete against artificial intelligence or ride hovercraft freely.

Cyber future theme
Neon city
Exciting race against Artificial Intelligence
Realistic driving physics
Wide range of racing cars to choose from
Wide open-world
Fullscreen mode available

Flying Wings HoverCraft features mobile.

How to play the Flying Wings HoverCraft ?

Drive: "ARROW KEYS" or "WASD"
Camera View :"C"

Have fun playing Flying Wings HoverCraft.

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