Ninja Fruit Slicer

Ninja Fruit Slicer

Ninja Fruit Slicer is a skill game where you have to slide and cut all kinds of fruits, from pears and apples to coconuts and bananas. Aim for the highest score by slicing multiple fruits at once and create the combo to beat everyone else! You can also score big points by hitting the fruit critically, so be strategic when swiping. But watch out for the bombs! Hitting one of them ends the game. The classic fruit cutting adventure with Ninja Fruit Slicer is here!

Slice fruit. Avoid bombs. That's all you need to know to play Ninja Fruit Slicer.


How to play the Ninja Fruit Slicer ?
Left click and swipe to cut the fruit. You can make awesome combos if you cut several fruits at the same time.

There's nothing like cutting a variety of fresh fruits in one hit in Fruit Ninja. Keep playing to beat your high score and avoid bombs to survive. You can only drop three fruits before the game is over, so try to chop all the fruits on the screen.

Have fun playing Ninja Fruit Slicer.