Sky Hunter 3D

Sky Hunter 3D

Sky Hunter 3D is online free game for you. No downloads, no subscription - just click and play!

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Sky Hunter 3D is a 3D game where you can fight in the sky with cyber-themed spacecraft. The game is simple and includes hyper casual game. Your goal is to destroy enemy spacecraft. You have the courage to do this? As the Level increases, the number of enemy fighter planes will increase. These enemy warplanes will always follow you and try to destroy you. You must destroy them before they destroy you. Show us how many of the 25 war planes you can get.
Sky Hunter 3D features 3D, action, war, hyper casual, fight,mobile.

How to play the Sky Hunter 3D ?

Steer the warplane with the mouse. When the warplane sees the enemy, it will fire automatically.
Have fun playing Sky Hunter 3D.

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