Slope Bike 2

Slope Bike 2

Slope Bike is here with its second version. Slope Bike 2 is a hypercasual racing game in the arcade game genre. With the new version, the gameplay has been simplified and the missions have also been added to the daily login reward prompt.

In this Slope Rider game you have to control a bike and accelerate on slopes. Make it more fluid with the new simple theme, you will see new cities and new platforms in this series.

Don't forget to collect the 'skills' that appear in front of you while walking on the inclined roads. In this way, you can use talents for free.

There is a value called 'distance multiplier' in the game. This value is shown as 'X1'. As you complete the tasks, this value increases and increases the progress coefficient. The more missions you complete, the more X1 you get.

How to play the Slope Bike 2 ?

Press A/D or left/right arrow to steer left/right