Stickman Spinning Parkour

Stickman Spinning Parkour

Stickman Spinning Parkour is a hypercasual game where you control a stickman character running on a track full of spinning hoops. As soon as you come into contact with any object other than spinning circles, it's game over. So you have to make sure you only touch the hoops. By throwing the running stickman at the right time, you can connect it to the next spinning circle. As soon as the main character touches the spinning circle, he clings to it and starts spinning around it. This way you have to wait to throw to the next hoop. In this 3D stickman game, you need to aim correctly and you have to be patient. You have to wait for the right moment and throw the main character forward at the most appropriate time, so you can go farther.

Stickman Spinning Parkour combines trendy stickman runner games with oldest 3D games.

Stickman Spinning Parkour is a free hypercasual game that you can play on web and mobile browsers.

How to play the Stickman Spinning Parkour ?

Jump : Left Click