Taya’s Alphabet

Learn the Russian or Ukrainian Alphabet, with YouTube star Taya Ukraine!This game is the most fun and effortless way for beginners to start learning! After you complete this game, you will know all 33 letters of the alphabet, and will be ready to start learning words!First Taya will teach you how each letter sounds.Then, flip cards with the letters, in a simple relaxing game, to help familiarise yourself with each letter, and the different way it looks when it's BIG or small.Practice remembering each letter by listening to Taya, she will say a letter, and then you must tap the card that matches.After practising, face an epic boss fight against Baba Yaga! This will test your knowledge, and when you win, it will prove that you have mastered the Russian/Ukrainian alphabet!How to play the Taya's Alphabet ?
*mouse* point and click
Have fun playing Taya's Alphabet.